Wellington Nutrition

Exclusive Distribution

Start or expand your business by becoming a sole distributor of one of our Brands for your market.

The first step is to write to us at sales@wellingtonus.com One of our International Sales Executives will contact you shortly asking you for the following:


Consists of a brief description of your company including:

* Vision
* Mission
* Values
* Core Business
* Organizational Chart


Shall be provided along with the time that is expected for the corresponding entities to process the request. It is also expected of the distributor to inform Wellington as to the step-by-step progress of the registration process.


This is a key component to understanding your planned marketing strategy when it comes to launching and promoting our products. It is also important to specify what distribution channels you will be utilizing.


* An estimated sales budget for the first year is needed in order for Wellington  to evaluate the size and potential of the business being proposed.

* A first order against registration is also required as a commitment on the distributors side before the manufacturer can begin preparing all the registration documents.

* Finally, once a contract is agreed upon, a confirmation of your first order is required that will then be fully processed when the registration of the product is completed.


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