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A full Range of healthy supplements for kids in the form of yummy gummies that comes in four different pharmacuetical grade formul...Read more
Multiplus Junior is a specially formulated delicious, orange flavoured,multivitamin/multimineral syrup with L-cystine, Zinc and Iron for growing children. Iron contributes to normal cognitive develop...Read more
Helps Maintain Healthy Brain Function. Why Take Omega 3 Syrup?Omega 3 Syrup has been specially formulated to help support healthy brain function.  This vital nutrient can only be obtained fr...Read more
The best product to boast the immunity of your child in allages. a calibrated dropper bottle serving the highest available concentration of Ig 30% colostrum ...Read more
The highest ever concentrated highly bioavailable collagen liquid shot formula.Ten grams of collagen in each shot from the finest internationally branded raw materials for the treatment of ...Read more
This unique product contains both essential elements, glucosamine and chondroitin in addition to MSM and hyaluronic acid in one liquid shot formula for the treatment of cartilage degredation...Read more
The highest available concentration of L - Carnitine in shots liquid formula for the treatment of male infertility. Carnemen  30 Shots /Serving Size :One (1)Shot L-Carnitine 5 gVitamin C 60 ...Read more
a specially formulated Lactobacillus Reuteri probiotic to relieve all colic symptoms for children....Read more
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